Bestselling author Diane J. Reed writes contemporary romance with a touch of magic, where individuals dare to break through boundaries and live from the heart. She has a soft spot for outlaws, artisans, and dreamers—those who burn brightly to live each day as a gift. Though her novels explore western landscapes, sacred realms and even time travel, their unique soul journeys are always deeply rooted in real life. Along with her passion for books that earned her a Ph.D., Diane J. Reed enjoys painting, spying on ghosts, and spending time with her family. If you happen upon a woman in the Rocky Mountains with wild hair and faded jeans who whispers to the sky, that just might be Diane…


Series: Iron Feather Brothers

A contemporary western romance series with a touch of outlaw magic

Turquoise Mountain
Skystone Canyon
Lander Ridge
My Favorite Cowboy
Series: Robbin' Hearts

A contemporary new adult series about growing up & finding the magic behind fairy tale endings

Robin in the Hood
Stone of Thieves
Sherwood’s End
Bandits Hollow
Secret Heart of Lacie Blade
Series: Enchanted Outlaws

An enchanting contemporary romance series with time travel elements

Mission Archangel
Penny Moons
Ballad of Bandits Ranch